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Henan Yuntian Insists On Innovation And Accelerates The Transformation And Development
- Jun 09, 2018 -

In recent years, Henan Yuntian has actively responded to increasingly fierce market competition and rapid technological changes, and has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the “China Made 2025 Henan Platform for Action” and other documents, and has made remarkable achievements in technological innovation, technological improvement, and transformation and upgrading. It lays the foundation for comprehensive management upgrades, industrial upgrades, product upgrades, market upgrades and sustainable corporate development.

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Infrastructure and high-precision equipment are fundamental to innovation

In 2017, Henan Yuntian invested 200 million yuan in infrastructure and high-precision equipment, including nearly 100 million yuan in industrial robots.

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1. The company has rebuilt the single beam production plant area in phases, optimized the layout and operation methods of the single beam plant area, and improved the vehicle efficiency. Also completed the second phase of the 513 workshop transformation, relocation of the profile library, machining workshop transformation of the rough.

2. In 2017, the company introduced a total of 58 sets of sophisticated equipment with a total investment of 130 million yuan. The company has introduced several sets of robotic welding production lines, which have been used to process electric hoist sports cars, reel covers and single and double beam end beam welding, and have introduced a European-style end beam robot welding workstation, dedicated to comprehensively improve the product's production efficiency and product quality.

Transformation and Development ,Intelligent Manufacturing

The company has independently developed a crane digital control system that can remotely monitor the crane in real time and use the Internet of Things module to perform fault queries in real time on mobile phones' APPs and computers.

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On February 11th, 2018, Henan Yuntian and Siemens formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Siemens will provide Henan mines with the most market-leading automation and drive products, and provide related technical support, product and application training, consultation and after-sales services.

In the future, we will implement a European-style crane intelligent production line with Siemens, digitally improve the crane manufacturing process, build a world-class crane digital factory, promote the promotion and popularization of crane products, and promote the company's crane products to achieve world-class Level.

The reforms do not stop and innovation does not stop. Henan Yuntian will further implement innovation-driven development strategy, "focus on customer needs and challenges, continue to innovate, provide competitive crane solutions and services, create maximum value for customers," and jointly promote the "Internet + smart manufacturing" industry upgrade and transformation Exploring and creating the full value chain competitive advantage of the crane industry, driving the technological progress and industrial upgrading of China's crane industry.