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Love Helps Test, We Are In Action
- Jun 07, 2018 -

On June 7-8th, 2018, it was a day when the students who study hard at the classroom for three years rushed to the examination room. It was also a time for parents to wait their children outside of the examination room. This  examination determined the destiny of the students and was filled with their longings about the future. It also embodied the great wishes of the parents. 

In order to help the majority of examinees arrive safely, quickly and on time, and to reach a higher goal with a good physical and mental condition, Henan Yuntian Group Zhonghe Taxi Co., Ltd. launched the 6th “Love Helps  Test” charity event in 2018. Use our actions to provide candidates with our care and help. 

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Before the advent of the college entrance examination, Zhonghe required all drivers to inspect the vehicles to ensure that the vehicles were in good condition and tidy and clean. Early in the morning on the 7th, vehicles of Zhonghe Taxi shuttled through the streets. Candidates waved on the road, and they took the admission card for free. No fees were charged.

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In order to avoid affecting the candidate's psychology, the driver is required not to inquire the candidate's examination in the middle of the exam, and it is forbidden to use the audio system on the car. It is forbidden to take private activities when the candidate is transferred. If the candidate is in need of assistance (such as forgetting to take the admission ticket, etc.), the driver   should help candidates in the first place , at the same time call 110 to the command center for help, to get the traffic police to arrange channels or police cars to lead the way, to help candidates quickly and safely solve difficulties.