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Wang Dengxi, Mayor Of Xinxiang City, Visited The Company For Research And Guidance
- Jun 05, 2018 -

    On June 5, 2018, the mayor of Xinxiang City, Wang Dengxi, led the four leading groups of Xinxiang City, the party and government leaders of the counties (cities, districts), and the responsible persons of related departments to the company for investigation and guidance. Wu Shengjun, county party secretary of Changchun County, Qin Baojian, the county governor, and Cui Peijun, party secretary of the company accompanied the investigation.


    The party secretary of our company made a detailed report to the visiting leaders on the overall development of the company in recent years, and focused on the main achievements of the company's scientific and technological innovation and the company's major plans for the development of intelligent, high-end companies.


    During the investigation, Mayor Wang Dengxi looked at production and asked about business. He expressed appreciation for the company's adherence to industry and its accelerated transformation and upgrading. He pointed out that the report of the Nineteenth Congress made it clear that the focus of the construction of a modern economic system should be on the real economy. This is a great encouragement for manufacturing companies. He hopes that Henan Yuntian will aim at international standards and technological frontiers, strengthen the drive for innovation, and become a leader in intelligent transformation of equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is hoped that Henan Yuntian will continue to exert its own advantages and corporate characteristics, and further enlarge and strengthen the crane industry to reach the international advanced level.