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Henan Yuntian Conducts Summer Crane Equipment Safety Inspections
- May 17, 2018 -

In order to effectively curb the occurrence of safety accidents on crane equipment, eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure safe use of crane equipment. Recently, Yuntian company's Property Services Department conducted safety inspections of summer crane equipment throughout the entire plant in response to the safe operation of summer high-temperature crane equipment.

The key to check the hidden trouble lies in rectification. As the hot weather in the summer approaches, the power consumption of the plant will increase. Due to the high temperature, the power equipment of the factory will be in a state of high load. In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of the summer factory, the company organized the equipment safety inspection. The inspection contents include:

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First, air conditioning. Summer air-conditioning has become the main power-consuming equipment. To ensure proper plant temperatures, air-conditioning will operate at high loads. This safety inspection will effectively eliminate potential safety hazards, including information on operating status, air flow, and other data.

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Second, the distribution room. The power distribution room controls the power supply to the factory. The breakdown of a small component will directly lead to the normal work of the factory. In addition to monitoring the daily maintenance of the equipment, the inspection also requires the power distribution room and the high-voltage power distribution room on each floor during the non-business period. Carry out all-round maintenance work.

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Third, the elevator. Contact maintenance company to assist in maintenance work.By carrying out special rectification activities for summer crane equipment, it has promoted the standardized management of factory crane equipment, eliminated some potential safety hazards, and ensured the safe operation of crane equipment.