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Newly Approved National Standards And Machinery Industry Standards Issued In 2018
- May 23, 2018 -

Announcement of National Standards of the People's Republic of China (Document No. 2 of 2018) “Announcement on the Approval of the Issuance of 291 National Standards” and the Document of China National Machinery Industry Federation (Zhongji Joint Label [2018] No. 50) “Publishing 70 Machinery Industries The "Standard Notice", which contains new approvals for "Lifting Machinery" and "Industrial Vehicles", is as follows:

No.standard numberstandard nameImplementation datecategory
1GB/T 35975-2018Lifting spreader2018-09-01Hoisting Machinery
2JB/T 13312-2018Industrial brake2018-10-01Hoisting Machinery
3JB/T 13357-2018Brake motor2018-10-01Hoisting Machinery
4JB/T 10750-2018Tractor2018-10-01Industrial vehicle

JB/T 13667-2018

Tipping rack2018-10-01Industrial vehicle
6JB/T 13368-2018Soft Folder2018-10-01Industrial vehicle
7JB/T 11764-2018Internal combustion counterbalanced forklift2018-10-01Industrial vehicle